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Rotary Club of Moorestown holds 2nd Street Market

Festival at municipal complex welcomes community

The Rotary Club of Moorestown will present its 2nd Street Market at the Moorestown Municipal Complex on Aug. 11, complete with food trucks, live music, games and a beer garden.

“It’s a great community event,” said Andrew Mackerer, president of the Rotary. “We’ve had great crowds and people should bring blankets and chairs and set up on the lawn and have a good time.”

All 2nd Street Market festivals take place on the second Thursday of the month and will continue until October.

“We started it last summer, the first one we did was in August,” Mackerer said. “It took people a little while to kind of figure it out, but the last two or three we’ve just had really big crowds. Families having fun, kids running around …  

“Just a really good time.”

Mackerer has been with the Rotary Club for eight years and shared what inspired him to become involved.

“ … It was to kind of give back to the community and get involved,” he recalled. “Every year, we get to give out about $20,000 to $25,000 in scholarships to Moorestown residents …”

Mackerer described the Rotary Club’s improvements at Fullerton Park.

“We’ve dedicated the funds from (the) 2nd Street Market this year to that park,” he noted. “We put in a new sign for Fullerton Park … We cleaned up and put in some new plantings … We did all the gardens, (we) mulched the garden beds, just made it look a little more (fresh).”

Although COVID affected last year’s 2nd Street Markets attendance, Mackerer is glad to see people back.

“I do think that (COVID) probably did depress turnout a little bit last year, but this year (the) turnout has been really nice,” he said. “I think everybody – independent of whether COVID affected (it) last year – is kind of ready to be back out and be amongst their neighbors, their friends and just have it be nice to be at the event.”

Mackerer noted what the Rotary Club hopes to accomplish moving forward.

“We do look forward to having some more projects in town, probably with other parks,” he emphasized. “We would like to replicate what we’ve done at Fullerton Park with some of the other parks in town that may not receive the attention they need. 

“The township has limited resources, and we at Rotary can use some of our resources to help update and upgrade some of the other parks.”

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