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Moorestown Library hosts environmental panel

Township’s theme plays important part in event

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: The Moorestown Library’s environmental panel on Sept. 7 will focus on the environmental groups and committees in town and how to participate in them.

The Moorestown Library invites the community to attend a panel on Sept. 7 that will focus on the environmental groups and committees in town and how to participate.

“We’re going to have different representatives for the various groups,” said Diane Cairoli, adult services and programming librarian. She noted how people from the five major environmental groups in town – the Moorestown Environmental Advisory Committee (MEAC), the Open Space Advisory Committee, Save the Environment of Moorestown (STEM), Sustainable Moorestown and the Tree Planting and Preservation Committee – will all be at the panel. 

“We’re also having the Rutgers Master Gardeners (of) Burlington County, so somebody will be speaking to represent the Rutgers Master Gardeners,” Cairoli said.

According to its official Facebook page, the Rutgers Master Gardeners Program of Burlington County is an organization of trained volunteers whose primary purpose is to assist county Cooperative Extension in delivering horticultural information to county homeowners and the general public. 

The environmental panel will be held at the Burlington County Agricultural Center’s Rustic Market Barn and Cairoli explained how Mike Johnson, coordinator of the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Burlington County, helped make that happen.

“We’ve been partnering with the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Burlington County probably since about 2014, but then Mike became the coordinator just when the pandemic happened, it was right around that time, so I’ve been working really closely with him since that all happened,” Cairoli said. “In fact, he was the first one that partnered with us actually to offer virtual programming.”

Members of the Moorestown Garden Club will also be available to speak with residents.

Cairoli explained what people can expect from attending the panel.

“It’s going to include a Q&A session (question and answer) and after each speaker, there will be a chance to ask questions,” she said, “So they’ll talk about their group (representatives) and what they’re doing, and how people can get involved, and then people can ask some questions and then it moves onto the next person on the panel.”

Moorestown’s “Year of the Environment” theme played a part in bringing the panel to fruition.

“We thought that there are so many great groups in town that are doing so much for the environment and have been for such a long time and then when (Mayor) Nicole Gillespie said, ‘Let’s make this the year of the environment,’ we thought … well, let’s see what the library can do,’” Cairoli said.

“The whole idea of a panel came up, and some of these groups – in fact many of them – meet in the library once a month … We thought that (it) would be interesting to have everybody in one place, and they could tell the public what they’re doing and what they’re up to and … they get to be with one another.”

Cairoli explained how important an event like this is for the environment.

“It’s been (a) long (time) coming,” she noted. “It hasn’t just, as we all know, happened and it’s just so important to get involved as soon as you can in whatever capacity you can because we have lots of opportunities right here in Moorestown,” Cairoli said. 

“People (in Moorestown) have been doing wonderful things for the environment for many, many years and it would be really nice for them to get a lot of recognition, because I don’t think people realize how much they have been doing all these years.”

Registration for the event is encouraged at moorestownlibrary.org.

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