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Moorestown nonprofit thrives on Main Street

MMC helps bring sound and art to community

Special to The Sun: Moorestown Music Collective’s July 30 show featured the Acoustic Armenian Trio.

Since its summer debut, Moorestown Music Collective (MMC) continues to shine on Main Street.

“We really want to extend an invitation to the music-loving community of Moorestown and surrounding communities too,” said member Mark Hines.

MMC, located on 5 West Main Street, is a nonprofit whose goal is to host live musical performances and showcase local artists’ work. So far, The Angela Everwood Band, the John Train Duo and the Acoustic Armenian Trio have graced the stage and artists Deborah Moss Marris and Lisa Matera have exhibited their work.

“I hope that people are willing to have great experiences with our shows and are willing to try new artists because we’re seeking very good artists as well,” Hines said.

The Acoustic Armenian Trio, featuring Karinne Andonian, Roger Mgrdichian and Haig Hovnanian, performed on July 30 and Marris’ works were on display.

“It was a very excellent night of music and everybody seemed to enjoy it a lot,” Hines said.

He explained how MMC decided to showcase both music and art.

“We originally conceived this idea … We just thought about, what else could we do? Could we also support other art?” Hines said. “ … It’s been very well received … Initially we were trying to support the musical arts (but) the visual arts seem to be complimenting it very well.”

Special to The Sun: Artist Deborah Moss Marris was part of the gallery exhibit.

MMC came to fruition after Hines discovered an article last November about a neighborhood near Akron, Ohio, that used a vacant building as a nonprofit music venue to bring life to the town. It inspired him to bring the idea to Moorestown, and after receiving feedback on social media, he connected with Mark Morgan, co-founder and producing artistic director of Moorestown Theater Company, who offered the theater’s rehearsal studio as the venue for Music on Main.

“The whole idea was to bring people to Main Street on an evening, particularly on a Saturday or Friday evening, for foot traffic (and) economic growth by supporting the restaurants, so we’re getting a good start on that, and we’ll continue to have more artists in the future as well,” Hines said.

MMC’S next three shows will feature Blue Cactus on Aug. 19 and singer/songwriter Wesley Stace on Sept. 24. His wife Abbey Stace will also display her artwork and singer/songwriter Laura Cantrell will perform on Oct. 8.

Hines explained what he hopes the nonprofit brings to the community.

“… We’re looking for either music that’s new to the audience or original music or both,” he said. “ … People are getting more and more familiar (with) who we are and what we’re trying to do.”

“ … I’m sure almost anybody that’s a music lover would definitely enjoy our shows, even if they’re not familiar with the music, that’s what we’re trying to do is bring artists that people will like,” Hines added.

To purchase tickets for upcoming shows, visit moorestowntheatercompany.org/tickets or MMC’S official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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