‘Barking Lot Sips and Brews’ at AWA, August 10

AWA to host beer garden, food truck, live music event

Special to The Sun// 

Tonight, The Animal Welfare Association will be hosting their first event since the grand opening of the new building on June 24. AWA staff and directors have long said they hope for the addition to serve as not only a comfortable, re-done space for the hundreds of animals, but also a community hub, fit for large gatherings.

The “barking Lot Sips and Brews” event starts at 5:30 p.m. and runs until 8:30. There will be food trucks, a beer garden, live music, and plenty of furry friends. AWA”s executive director Laura Houston strongly encourages attendees to bring their own pets to mingle with the ones currently living at AWA’s shelter.

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“You can absolutely bring your own pets,” said Houston with excitement,” We will be set up in the new parking lot and guests are really encouraged to bring their animals, the more the better.”

Although the name hints at a beer-centered event, there will be plenty of drinks for those who do not consider themselves beer fans. Drinks will be provided by Tito’s Vodka-”The Vodka for Dog People”- Dr. Brewlittles Brew Co. and Armageddon Brewery. Armageddon Brewery, the Somerdale brewing company will also be providing hard ciders and seltzers. Our K9 friends will also be able to enjoy a handful of treats from the ‘Barktini Bar’ with doggie mocktails

Dr. Brewlittles Brew Co. has an AWA themed beer, all of their proceeds from the drink go directly back to the AWA foundation. Their seasonal IPA will be available for purchase on site as well as from their brewery.

“I am not a huge beer drinker myself so with Tito’s they have a bar set up and will be able to make a bunch of delicious mixed drinks. Lots of refreshing and summer themed stuff,” said Houston. 

In addition to drinks, Matty G’s Dogz and Red’s Rolling Restaurant will have food trucks on site, live music by Opus Soul, and a doggie splash pool. Guests are encouraged to bring chairs to sit and hangout through the event.

“This really serves as a way for people [who were unable to] to see the new building, get introduced to the AWA family and be surrounded by other animal lovers in their own communities. It also allows us to reach an audience we might not normally reach.” 

No admission is required to enter, a wristband for three drinks and promo cup is available for purchase for $25. If you would like to go on a tour through the new AWA facility, visit the AWA website and RSVP through their link to set up a time. For more information visit the AWA Facebook and Website.

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