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Letter to the Editor: Andy McIlvaine

Cherry Hill resident urges others to vote yes for the upcoming bond referendum.

My name is Andy McIlvaine.  While I am not a New Jersey native, I have lived in our home in Cherry Hill with my family for 43 years.  I am now a happily retired senior citizen living on a fixed income.

Like many residents, I moved here in 1979 with my wife and 1 year old based on the reputation of the schools.  For nineteen years from 1984 to 2003 I was a school parent.  My 3 kids received an excellent education here, and all have grown to be productive adults. It has been said many times, and I believe it is true, that the schools are the one thing that affects us all, the primary thing that defines us as a community.

In my experience, Cherry Hill has frequently had difficulty working together towards a common goal.  We must do so now.  Fixing our schools affects us all, whether young parents, or veterans like me. There are no alternatives, despite the noise from social media.  The future of our community depends on it.

We have an opportunity through this bond vote on October 6 to come together, to do the long overdue repairs and upgrades that will give Cherry Hill the schools that our children deserve.  In doing so, we will provide a safer and healthier environment for our kids, our staff, the members of our community that use our facilities, promote a sense of community pride, and make Cherry Hill more attractive for the next generations of homebuyers who move here for the schools.

I will support the bond, our schools, and our community with my vote in October.  I encourage everyone to do the same.  This is for our kids, and for the future of Cherry Hill.

Andy McIlvaine

Cherry Hill

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