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Lions Club lives on in Wenonah

The Mantua Lions Club lives on through the Wenonah charter of the group.

The Wenonah Lions Club, which has joined hands with the Mantua charter, walks in a parade with a banner in hand. Photo Credits: New Jersey Lions District 16-L

Two years ago, the Mantua charter of the Lions Club, a charitable organization that spans multiple countries, joined hands with the Wenonah charter.

Six members from our club transferred to the Wenonah Lions,” said Bob Hale, previous president of the Mantua club. “They welcomed us with open arms and have been

working with us to continue the traditions the Mantua Lions performed.”

“Our club has close to 60 members and it is a mix of Wenonah and Mantua residents,” said 

president of the Wenonah club, Kevin Salvatore. These members make up just a few of the 1.4 million people that consider themselves Lions Club members worldwide, according to Lions Club International.

The Lions Club was founded in 1917 with the main goal of serving any community by helping the needy through public works and volunteer projects. Projects include feeding the hungry and fighting blindness, in order to inspire people to do the same and to come together. 

Meetings for the Lions Club happen on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:45 p.m. at the Telford Inn. While the group is off for the summer, they will be looking for new members at their next meeting on Sept. 14. 

“If we have potential residents interested in joining us, a member of the club would sponsor/vouch for the new member,” said Salvatore. “That person would come to the meeting where they would introduce themselves and provide a brief run down and interest in the club.  

We as a club will then vote on the membership.”

The Lions Club tries to hold around three to four major events a year which include the Wenonah Fourth of July, Christmas Tree Lighting and their annual Easter Egg hunt.

“If anyone is interested, they can reach out and we can get them started,” said Salvatore. “We want nothing more than to grow as a club and continue to get more involved in the community.”

Check out the Wenonah Lions Club website for any news and updates on future events and how to get in contact with them. Their next event is a meeting at the Telford Inn on Sep. 13 at 6:45.

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