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Moorestown families host international students

Students’ first visit to the U.S. includes sightseeing

After three years of planning and two years interrupted by COVID, 13 students from Valencia, Spain, are being hosted by an equal number of Moorestown families during their first visits to the U.S. 

The program began in 2019, through Moorestown resident Dan Ladik’s connection with a work colleague. 

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“Three years ago, through a common friend who was visiting us … we learned that when he was young he had participated in an exchange program several summers in a row when he came to the U.S., and that facilitated helping him learn English as well as … as fluent as he is nowadays,” Ladik’s wife Maggie said. 

She noted how his story caught her attention.

“We have two teenage boys who have also been studying Spanish at Moorestown High School and the idea interested me immediately because I thought I would very much like both my boys to have an opportunity like that,” Maggie added. 

She first contacted families who might want to host the students.

“ … I reached out to families that I know that have children, that are classmates of either one of my children or people that are neighbors of mine, so through word of mouth is really how we found the families interested in participating (in) this activity,” she explained.

The students arrived Sunday and will visit through July 28, taking part in activities that include river tubing, kayaking through the Pinelands and visiting Longwood Gardens.

“ … Certainly apart from a welcoming party and a farewell party, we are also going to take them to go visit Philadelphia, the Old City and Center City,” Maggie noted. 

“ … We’re going to spend another day taking them to New York City to see the major sights, and then we’re going to do some other fun stuff, like going to Ocean City for the day.”

The Ladiks look forward to sharing memories with the students.

“We particularly, our family, we’ve hosted in the past … and this is something that we really enjoy doing, planning fun things to do,” Maggie said. “And it’s just a thrill to us to be able to share all the fantastic activities and places of interest that we have so close to us.”

“Having the opportunity to do that with students from Spain, when it’s their very first time experiencing American culture, it’s really a privilege.”

Maggie and Dan want to see the program continue in Moorestown.

“I think this is a terrific opportunity for not just our young people to expand their horizons and learn about other cultures,” Maggie observed. “I think this is a way where communities can get to know each other better … 

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to give this experience to my children …” she added, “and I hope it generates more interest in getting to welcome other international students in our area.”


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