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American Little League All-Star team wins district title

10U baseball team will continue to play in sectionals

Cherry Hill American Little League’s All-Star teams have wrapped up their district tournament championships and five teams have moved on to play at the next level. 

Some teams have finished their seasons while others are just beginning. 

Unlike the spring recreational teams who play others within the league, the all- star teams play against opponents from the surrounding areas, and they need to try out for the team.

For baseball, the 8U (8 and under) all-star team participated in the 2022 Little League NJ’s inaugural baseball tournament and were eliminated after two games. Jason Tibbetts, president of the Cherry Hill American Little League, said New Jersey was the only state in the U.S. to offer an 8U tournament, and something for Little League to consider in the future. 

The team was coached by Brian Radle, Joe Groves and Troy Spencer and consisted of 12 players. Players were Alex Betko, Mason Conley, Declan Costello, Gabe DuPriest, Johnny Eagel, Joseph Groves, Michael Hall, Noah McCrosson, Liam Provost, Kellan Radle, Myles Spencer and Braden Stewart.

Baseball’s 10U All Star Team (ages 8 to 10) won the District 13 Tournament Championship against Cherry Hill Atlantic, Collingwood and Haddonfield in a 4-0 season. They played Haddonfield twice in a winner’s bracket championship after Haddonfield lost to Haddon Township. 

The team will be playing in the New Jersey Section Tournament against East Greenwich July 16 for a chance to advance to the New Jersey State tournament. Assistant Coach Sean Sweeney attributed the team’s success in their final game against Haddonfield to its defense and pitchers.

“In the championship game, our pitcher Patrick Saporetti pitched a complete game for us,” Sweeney said of the 10-year-old. “I believe he struck out five batters, (had) zero walks and allowed just one run.”

Sweeney also highlighted 10-year-old pitcher Colten Herrschaft and the team’s coachability as contributing to the team’s success throughout the season.

“They’re taking what we teach them and applying it in game situations,” Sweeney noted. “They’re building a kind of support for one another, overall hustle and hard work. There’s been a lot of situations where little things have made a big difference in a game.”

The team was coached by Nick Rivera, Sean Sweeney and Steve Batista. Players were Austin Batista, Liam Conley, Matthew Console, Joey Eagel, Colten Herrschaft, James McGovern, Shane Mennel, Maddox Munoz, A.J. Rash, Evan Rivera, Patrick Saporetti, Colin Sweeney and Jacob Tibbetts.

Baseball’s 16U American Little League All-Star team won its District 13 Tournament and moved on to compete at the next level in the Little League NJ Section Tournament. While they won three games against Mt. Ephraim, Greater Wildwood and Vineland, they lost their fourth game against Vineland. 

The team was coached by Christian Carkeek, Jackson Edelman and Zach Edelm. Its players were Payton Gardner, Mick Goldstein, Anthony Gucciardi, Aiden Haddock, Julien Leibovitz, Liam Lyons, Matthew Mignatti, Jack Mondel, Ryan Naddeo, Jashua Perr, Tristan Perry, Thomas Piotrowski, Zachery Salsbery, Ryan Schollins, John Schweitzer, and Enrico Tufano.

For softball, the 10U all-star district team also won its District 13 Tournament Championship but was eliminated after two games during the NJ Section Tournament. The team was coached by Sean McGowan, Shawn Doran and Dean Tripolitis. Players include Victoria Boehm, Camryn Doran, Charlotte Fensch, Audrey Lange, Jasmine Lavine, Noa Lewis, Hailey McGowan, Karina Morris, Ava Ryan, Emma Ryan, Addison Skoufalos, and Annie Tripolitis. 

The Softball 12U Cherry Hill American Little League All-Star district team also had an undefeated season in the District 13 Tournament Championships, winning two games over Oaklyn. They continued to be undefeated in the Little League NJ Section Tournament, winning three games against Cape May County and Audubon, and played in the NJ State Tournament from July 14 to July 17 for a chance to play in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament. 

The team was coached by Jack Dyer, Ken Harrison and Jason Tibbetts. Players were Payton Curtis, Addison Doran, Katelyn Dyer, Aliyah Goldstein, Sarah Harrison, Mackenzie Hart, Elizabeth Jordan, Dylan Kratchman, Kelsey Mackey, Lauren O’Dell, Natalie Olson, Evelyn Stover, Rebecca Tibbetts and Jaslyn Tsai.

To stay up to date with the Cherry Hill American Little League, visit https://www.cherryhillamerican.org/.


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