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Letter to the Editor: Marianne Springer

Resident calls for more transparency after recent commissioners meeting.

Dear Editor,

After attending the Haddonfield Commissioners Meeting, both my husband and I left with an uneasiness, bordering on disgust.  A common theme throughout was the lack of transparency within our local government. 

First, we listened to the Haddonfield Ambulance Association that has been in existence since 1938.  This association maintains two ambulances for the town, while also providing scholarships for high school students among other things. It seems that our local government is looking to disband this organization with the ultimate goal to rid our local fire department – one that has been recognized as one of the oldest in the country.

Then, there was the budget. $205,000 to a building which no one knows by name and is situated in a parking lot.

Finally, and most importantly, I listened to the conditions of Crows Woods Field.  This playing field is what provides “our future ambassadors” the opportunity to learn such life skills as camaraderie, leadership, and more.  The relationships that soccer creates is lifelong. To think it is OK to play indoors is unrealistic, as well as to travel to Moorestown. If we wanted an experience in Moorestown, we would live there.  

With each of these issues came silence from our commissioners, who really did not entertain any comments. 

Many of the speakers mentioned the lack of transparency.

The final disgrace was the mayor’s closing comments. While commending the children for showing respect to the commissioners, Mayor Bianco Bezich implied that the adults should behave in the same manner.  That comment was unnecessary as all the adults were respectful at this forum.  There were no outbursts for her to address, and everyone acted civilly.  Maybe the commissioners should consider respect to the residents of our town by being transparent and not keeping us in the dark.

Marianne Springer


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