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Council addresses delays in trash pickup

Six youth recognized for their rowing achievements

Six Cherry Hill residents are recognized by township council for their rankings in May’s U.S. Rowing Championships in Florida. Shown are Council Vice President Brian Bauerle (left to right), Mayor Susan Shin Angulo, rowers Sofia Stafford, Lindsey Eattock, Carmella Viglietta, Joseph Conti, Calvin Lymper and Alex Reese and council members Jennifer Apell and William Carter. (Special to The Sun/The Sun)

Township residents and officials protested delays in trash pickup by Republic Services during a June 27 council meeting.

Some residents reported having week-long delays. Mayor Susan Shin Angulo explained that part of the problem is that people are not just experiencing trash delays in Cherry Hill, but in Camden and Burlington counties and across the state.

“Our solid-waste contractor continues to cite shortages of labor and CDL (Commercial Drivers Licenses) drivers as the main culprit behind these delays,” Shin Angulo said, noting the contractor recently lost seven employees. 

“… In response, we are investigating the purchase of our own trash trucks.”

Council passed a resolution during the meeting awarding a bid for two new dump trucks. To alleviate the trash situation, the township has opened the Department of Public Works to anyone who wants to drop off yard waste there directly. The mayor meanwhile has mobilized two township employees to collect missed waste.

In her remarks, Shin Angulo also offered a public apology for the heated exchange that took place between the mayor and the president of Windsor Mews, Val Katz, at the May 23 council session. The subject was an aggressive dog who had bit one of Katz’s neighbors. 

Though the mayor was unable to attend the June 15 meeting – where council voiced its disapproval in caucus – she clarified that she and Katz made amends privately the day after the exchange, and Shin Angulo was then invited to the Windsor Mews’ neighborhood block party. Katz also addressed the disagreement.

“I want to say how sorry I am that the angry dialogue that the mayor and I had has been blown so far out of proportion,” she acknowledged.

After months of residents requesting the Covered Roof Bridge to be fixed, Shin Angulo shared that repairs are on the way.

“The roof bid is ready, our township engineer is finalizing the rail specifications and we will put that out to bid separately in about three weeks, and all of the tree trimming and the poison ivy had been addressed by our own DPW (Department of Public Works) employees,” she said.

In other news, council recognized six Cherry Hill youths who recently competed in May’s U.S. Youth Rowing Championships in Florida as part of a 22-person team ranging in age from 6 to 18. The championship featured 2,000 competitors and more than 40 events.

The winners are: Sofia Stafford, who placed 18th in the nation; Lindsey Eattock, who ranked 15th;  Carmella Viglietta, who ranked eighth; Joseph Conti and Calvin Lymper, who ranked 15th; and Alex Reese, who ranked 12th. 

The next council meeting is July 11 at 7:30 p.m. 

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