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Commencement touches on challenges for grads

Cinnaminson High says goodbye to Class of ‘22

Cinnaminson High School celebrated its 56th commencement ceremony on June 21 with graduates ready to embark on a new adventure.

Principal Ryan Gorman praised the students’ dedication to their education.

“ … Over the last four years, you’ve been presented with incredible challenges,” he said. “However, when faced with those obstacles, you have fought to turn them into opportunities. 

“ … If your journey is anything like mine, it will be filled with both wonderful victories and devastating losses,” Gorman added. “However, I know that each of you has the skills necessary to find the opportunity in adversity, and that is precisely what will put you 10 steps ahead of the pack in the race of life.”

Valedictorian Grace Coller followed Gorman on stage.

“ … As we seek to embrace the challenges ahead of us, it’s critical we bear in mind this infinite endurance of love and friendship, of learning and growing,” she noted. “For all of us gathered here today, it marks not just the beginning of a new chapter, but also the end of a collective journey.

“As the children’s character Winnie the Pooh once said, ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard,’” Coller added. “As this is one of many goodbyes we are yet to face, my hope is that when the time rolls around to move on from something else in life, it won’t be easy, but we’ll be ready.

“ … As we go forth, remember our limits are not always our bounds, but rather an opportunity to remember how truly boundless we can be.”

Salutatorian Veronica Campbell echoed Coller’s sentiments.

“ … We were here for four years, or three, and online for one, but either way, now as seniors, the school doesn’t seem as big,” she stated. “We know more people and probably almost all the teachers, and we are now the upperclassmen, trying to explain that the school is pretty much just two squares on top of each other.

“Seeing how we successfully adapted to different schools three times, we don’t have to be as worried about the difference of college, trade school, the workforce, armed forces or any new experience we will be entering,” Campbell added, “because we already proved that we will get used to this new environment, and soon be confident and comfortable.”

School Superintendent Stephen Cappello focused on the graduates’ strength of character.

“ … When we last met at this field, you were full of energy and excitement as the prospects of what was to come as high schoolers was ahead of you,” he said. “ … What the Class of 2022 is can certainly be defined also by what you are not. You are not quitters. You are not ones to back down to a challenge, to shy away from conflict, and you are not community members who fail to hold each other accountable.

“Over the past four years, you have heeded the advice of teachers and administrators …” the superintendent added. “You made possibilities possible, doing so with intentionality, individuality, efficacy and purpose.”

Following award recognitions and a performance of the school’s alma mater, students got their diplomas. Class President Croix Horsley then passed the president’s gavel to junior class President Tyler Schill.

“As my last official act as president of the Class of 2022,” Horsley announced, “I would like to pass onto you the president’s gavel, and wish you and the Class of 2023 health, happiness and success.”

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