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‘Time to catch up’

Breakfast, picnic bring high-school seniors together

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: Seniors enjoy a picnic and breakfast ahead of their June 17 graduation.

Moorestown High School and Home and School hosted a senior picnic and breakfast on June 14 and 16 for students to make the most of their last few days together. 

“This is a little bit (of) (a) throwback to the way it was a couple of years ago,” said resident and parent Cindy Mumma. “We grill hamburgers, hot dogs … and then we put out lawn games and the kids just hang out and play. Some of them brought their yearbooks so that they can sign each other’s yearbooks.

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“It’s just a time for them to get together and catch up.”

Mumma reminisced on helping with both events last year.

“ … We put it together quickly and it was really special because some of the kids were remote, and then some were here half remote, half in class,” she said. “So, it’s such a great time for them to reconnect before graduation.”

Assistant Principal Don Williams praised parents in the community for helping with school events, including the senior recognition reception earlier this month.

“The parents just … they go above and beyond to make sure that the kids have a good senior year, and activities that are memorable and enjoyable all wrapped up in one,” he noted.

Williams described how the picnic and breakfast enable teachers to give back to students.

“It’s just a way for us to chill and understand that we’ve had four years and it’s coming to a close, but we wish you well,” he explained. “This community really is excited for you and happy for you and proud of you, and this is just a small token of the way that we show our appreciation for everything that you’ve given to us over the four years. 

“We just want to be a part of helping to give it back.”

Williams hopes students understand the message behind the events.

“ … It’s about being kind to other people, allowing people to do things and accept things that are positive, because we don’t always know what the experiences (are) of our kids, but we try and get to know them as best we can,” he said. 

“ … We want to, hopefully, instill in you (students) a sense of having a commitment to care about other people, and then to pay it forward.”

Williams’ parting advice for graduates was to soak it all in.

“ … You’re only a teenager for a very finite amount of time,” he advised.  “Enjoy the moment, because you grow up very quickly and years fly by … Enjoy the experiences that the school and the community are willing to give you as seniors.

“Keep it in the back of your mind, and then when you have children, hopefully you will get involved in your children’s schooling, and give them the same experiences that you had.”


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