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Township resident addresses speeding on street

June 4 cited as Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: Township Manager Kevin Aberant told officials at a council meeting that crash data from North Church Street will be gathered after a resident addressed speeding on the road during the session.

Moorestown resident Kathy Sutherland addressed council members about speeding in the township at its May 23 meeting, specifically on North Church Street.

“ … These folks are coming down Church Street at such a speed … and they’re running into these cars,” Sutherland said. “In the last two or three months, we have had a tremendous amount of accidents on that street.”

In response, Township Manager Kevin Aberant said officials will gather crash data from that roadway for further examination.

“ … There are so many more children on our street, a lot more than there used  to be, and it’s like you can’t even pull out of your driveway,” Sutherland said.  “Yes, we need the speed limit lowered, but we also need it enforced … There are other things that I’m sure we can come up with and do.”

Mayor Nicole Gillespie said the township is trying to resolve the issue and thanked Sutherland for her efforts in finding solutions.

“I believe the police either have or are going to be collecting some data so that we have data to work with, which I understand will be helpful,” Gillespie said. “I appreciate your (Sutherland’s) diligence on this. … You have always been very clear about your status on all of this and I appreciate your (efforts).”

Earlier in the meeting, council proclaimed June 4 Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day, and third grade students from South Valley Elementary School read essays on why they are proud of their community.

Colin Deibler, a representative for the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders, addressed the proclamation.

“I’ve talked to friends about this, with Tourette Syndrome, and they’re all very (very) grateful for you (all) to be up here,” he said. “So I can confidently say thank you, and this is a huge benefit to everybody that’s struggling with the same issues as I am.” 

Following updates from council, Aberant delivered his manager’s report and addressed issues the township has had regarding trash collection.

“I just want to acknowledge (that) the township has been having some difficulty with the trash collection,” he noted. “Public works is aware of it … This is really an industry-wide problem with trash collection and (the) contractor is working through it.”

“The contractor has been responsive when requested to get out there,” Aberrant added, “so I appreciate the patience of some of the residents.”

Council later adopted three budget resolutions during the meeting, including setting a public hearing date of June 27 for the 2022 budget. Deputy Mayor Sue Mammarella ended the session by sharing that when the appearance committee last met, members discussed a demolition application submitted by the owner of a historic property at 334 Chester Ave.

“A lot of people showed up for that,” she said. “A lot of the public residents who live nearby (and) some other residents who don’t live nearby, so it was very passionate (and) people felt very strongly about the demolition in town.” 

She added that while the committee is an advisory body, it will make a recommendation on the issue.

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