MoorArts and school district hold student art show

The exhibit happens at same time as Moorestown Day.

Special to The Sun: Mediums such as pottery, photography and 3D will be on display at the MoorArts-sponsored school district art show.

For the first time in three years, MoorArts will support the school district art show at the Community House of Moorestown on June 4.

“It’s a nice event (and) it’s a good way to highlight and close the year,” said Georgean Wardzinski, president of MoorArts.

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The nonprofit supports the fine and performing arts in the community and the township’s schools. All proceeds raised from its events support scholarships for eligible high-school seniors and the MoorArts Grants Program for arts-based projects in the school district.

MoorArts also expands arts opportunities and awareness by teaming with organizations throughout the community. Wardzinski explained how the district art show benefits students in every grade.

“It’s a great way to showcase and wrap up the end of the year for the fine and performing arts, the fine arts, because they didn’t previously really have anything,” she said. “The performing arts always has their concerts at the end of the year, but the visual artists … they really didn’t have any way to kind of culminate the final year.”

MoorArts planned to host the 2020 district show – which began in 2014 – for the first time at the Community House, until COVID put everything on pause. This year, the event is back in full swing.

“We will have a table outside of the library with a free craft for students, a children’s craft that kids can take, just as another way to expand on the arts,” Wardzinski said. “We’re also going to have face painting going on.”

The show will also happen at the same time as Moorestown Day, another long-standing tradition.

“We’re hoping to get an even better participation rate of people coming to see the art show, with it being at the Community House, which is right in the middle of town on Moorestown Day,” Wardzinski noted.

“I would love to see just a good community turnout.”

Mediums such as pottery, photography and 3D will be on display and Wardzinski said the show is a bonus for students.

“It’s amazing what some of the elementary schools can send in, and (the) middle school and the upper elementary school,” she noted. “ … We also usually get students who have exhibited in any of the regional art shows.”

Wardzinski also highlighted the district show’s effects on the community.

“It’s rewarding to be able to see the student art exhibited, not only for the parents and the children themselves to have the experience, but also for the community to see, because there are some wonderful and outstanding artists that come through the programs at the high school,” she remarked. 

“I think just to be able to see it, but yet also just to see the progression from kindergarten through 12th grade … Creativity is important, and I would say probably even more so with everything we’ve been through with the pandemic,” Wardzinski added.

The district art show will begin at 9 a.m. and the MoorArts president looks forward to seeing students shine.

“It’s great that the parents and families and friends come to see it,” she said, “but just to have people who are just members of the community come and see the outstanding efforts of these young students.”

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