Monday, May 23, 2022

Voorhees committee hosts forum for local businesses

Event offered opportunities for networking and resources

Special to The Sun//Members of the Voorhees Economic Development Committee hosted a forum with guest speaker Bill Green, who recently purchased the township’s 140-acre Stafford Farms. The forum was organized to meet the needs of local business owners.

The Voorhees Township Economic Development Committee recently hosted a small-business forum for local businesses and their owners to network and learn about resources in the township.

Mayor Michael Migogna kicked off the May 3 event by praising the township small-business owners for driving economic growth in Voorhees, which has seen 17 new small businesses open since the beginning of 2022. 

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“We are really confident that [Voorhees] is coming out of the pandemic and the economic impact it had,” Mignogna said. “We’re thrilled that all of you are here tonight. l can’t wait to listen to you all.” 

The mayor introduced guest speaker Bill Green, who recently purchased the township’s 140-acre Stafford Farms. Green was born in Marlton, but raised his family in Voorhees and Cherry Hill. 

“In March of 2021, Bill [Green] bought the 70-acre agricultural portion of Stafford Farms, which was bought in conjunction with the county and the state and has really put substantial work into the farm. I’m seeing animals and tulips; it’s great,” said Migogna, referring to a space that is set to open next year.

After some brief words about his career and plans for the future, Green offered $20 signed copies of his new book, “All In,” whose proceeds will benefit the Alicia Rose Rose Victorious Foundation, a national nonprofit that provides activities for kids in treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.. 

“I’m thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity,” Green said of the Stafford Farms space. “We believe it’s going to be a very special place.”

Forum participants had the opportunity to meet with members of the Economic Development Committee, Rutgers Small Business Association, South Jersey Chambers of Commerce and the Voorhees Breakfast Rotary Club. Committee Chair Andy Schallenhammer urged business owners and entrepreneurs to utilize the resources available.

“We [the committee] aim to please,” he noted. “With this forum, if we can help one person, one business, we’ve done our jobs. We recently had a successful job fair; we’re really just trying to grasp what our local businesses need. 

“If we don’t know what our people need,” Schallenhammer added, “we can’t help them. Our goal right now is to keep Voorhees up and running.” 

The business committee hosts monthly meetings the first Thursday of every month and any  business owner in the area can attend. For more information on job fairs and upcoming events, visit the Voorhees website or Facebook page.

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