‘Big City, Bright Lights’:

Moorestown High prom goes outdoors – and unrestricted.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: A ballroom at the DoubleTree by Hilton Cherry Hill Philadelphia, where Moorestown High School’s junior and senior prom will be held Friday. Last year’s event was held outdoors because of COVID.

Moorestown High School’s junior and senior prom will be held Friday at the DoubleTree by Hilton Cherry Hill Philadelphia, the first to take place in a venue in three years.

“Last year, prom was held in the school itself in the parking lot, with food trucks and other (things) like that,” said Keyan Vojdani, junior student council member, of the COVID-restricted event. “It also occurred during the last week of school … It was outside so people didn’t have to wear masks.”

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“This year … there will be no restrictions anymore.”

Vojdani explained what this year’s celebration means to the Class of 2022, after the event was canceled entirely two years ago.

“For the seniors, it’s particularly important because this is their senior year and they want to have a good ending to their senior year,” he said. “And by having it go to a new normal, but in the way that it was in the past, it’s really bringing back that tradition.”

“So there’s a good vibe around the school for the event itself.”

This year’s theme is “Big City, Bright Lights,” and while the junior class plans prom yearly, Vojdani explained how it unfolds.

“We start(ed) this planning process after winter break,” he explained, “so basically … I believe we may have had ideas about the theme itself. But after winter break, there was a thought of confirming stuff like that and then seeing the venue, seeing what fits there (and) deciding what decorations to bring.”

Vojdani noted the impact of going back to a traditional prom.

“It’s the first time, as I mentioned before, that after this hiatus, we’re turning to more of a normal prom … ” he said. “Unfortunately for those seniors, they also had their senior trip canceled and their graduation was abridged in a way, so that was obviously not a good experience for them.”

“But this is the first time since 2019 that it’s going to be a normal prom,” the student added, “so everybody (is) excited for that.”

Besides the junior student council, others had a hand in the prom’s finishing touches.

“There’s also a lot of other people involved in the prom,” Vojdani said. “The administration of the high school, the parents of Moorestown … It’s not just us that help plan the prom, but (it’s) a collective effort of administration, parents and the student council.”

The prom will also feature the longstanding tradition of teachers as chaperones.  Vojdani anticipates making memories with his peers.

“It’s something that doesn’t really happen that much in your lifetime,” he said, “so while you can, you should enjoy the moment.”

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