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Museum of American History opens new exhibit

‘America Defending Democracy’ features Deptford artifacts

Special to The Sun: War artifacts from various eras, including this U.S. Navy poster from the 1940s, are part of the Deptford Museum of American History’s newest exhibit.

The Museum of American History’s new exhibit, “America Defending Democracy,” focuses on how the country’s wars impacted the region, from as far back as the Civil War.

Designed to “showcase America’s role in the never-ending battle to protect democracy,” the Deptford museum’s display covers 150 years of history.

“We are attempting to show how Americans defended democracy at home, with our neighbors and abroad,” museum curator Jeffrey Norcross said. “We have stood united against those who would deny others their basic rights.”

Most of the artifacts – including weapons, equipment, uniforms, flags, coinage, posters, photographs and home-front material – were either donated or loaned to the museum and some are directly related to Deptford Township.

“Two such artifacts are a uniform from Staff Sgt. John C. Kalinowski, who was in charge of the mechanics who worked on the Enola Gay (the plane that dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima in 1945) as well as other aircrafts, and a framed display of veterans that made it home safely from World War II from the Blessed Hope Community Church of Deptford,” Norcross explained.

“We combine the local, regional and national to present an integrated view of our united history.”

Other artifacts include a canteen from 1918, copper pennies and wartime coinage, Army observer arm bands and U.S. Navy posters.

“The scope of this special exhibit is too broad to single out one artifact from 150 years of history,” Norcross noted. “It would be like picking which of your children that you like the best.”

Located at 138 Andaloro Way, the Museum of American History is open Thursday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is $4 for adults and $3 for children.

The “America Defending Democracy” exhibit runs through May 29. For more information, visit southjerseymuseum.org, email sjmuseum@aol.com or call 856-812-1121.

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