Letter to the Editor: Will Creeley

Township resident highlights significance of Memorial Fields rededication.

To the Editor:

The rededication of Memorial Field was a deeply moving reminder of the importance of community and the power of memory. As the sun emerged from behind clouds on a spring Saturday morning, residents of all ages gathered to honor the memories of W. Phillip Seel Jr., Howard Mayer, George S. Yohnnson and Roger A. Ross — four brave young men from Moorestown gone far too soon but never forgotten.

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Standing together, neighbors young and old paid tribute to the sacrifice made by these men and recognized the valiance of Moorestown’s veterans in protecting our democracy and our constitutional freedoms. Thanks to their service, new generations of Americans can play ball in the spring sunshine just like they did years ago.

My family lives next to Memorial Field and my wife and I have talked to our young children about what the stone markers behind each baseball diamond mean and who they remember. The rededication provided our entire community the opportunity to do the same. Speaking with the family members of one of the young men about their memories after the ceremony made the importance of the day vividly clear.

I am grateful to those who organized and participated in the rededication of Memorial Field for bringing us all together in collective remembrance. That spirit of community makes me feel lucky to be raising my family in Moorestown. By coming together in Memorial Field, the township ensured it will not forget the young men we lost.

Will Creeley

Moorestown, NJ

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