Mayor Paul Medany speaks on April events

Volunteers will be inducted into the Deptford Volunteer Hall of Fame on April 21

A message from Mayor Paul Medany:

While we are awaiting the arrival of spring, the Township Council continues to move forward on promoting our services to you and projects to improve our town.

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This month opens up many recreational programs for all ages. Opening Day for baseball and softball season begins this month.

We celebrated with students from our Middle and High School during Local Government Week, April 3 to 9. On Monday, April 4, our students learned the history of our town, along with our form of government.

The Free Rabies Clinic will be held on April 23 at the Community Center (9-10:30 a.m.) and Earth Day will be held on April 23. This is a great time to help keep your animals vaccinated and keep your community clean.

Another big event is the Volunteer Appreciation Night. Our volunteers will be inducted into the Deptford Volunteer Hall of Fame on April 21. We show our appreciation to all our volunteers for their countless hours of service to our community.

Please check our website, Facebook page and newsletter for more dates and events. Get your news directly from us and if you have questions email us, call or use the service request button on the website. Council takes pride in the fact that we are so accessible to you, our neighbors, friends and businesses.

Open government and getting information to you is very important. We were awarded first place in the N.J. State Municipal Information contest for our communication efforts. This year’s plans include open space purchases, repaving roads, adding to our recreation parks and playgrounds, municipal building renovations and much more. We do all this keeping our tax rate stable and looking for cost savings every day.

One main function of government is to provide services and projects that individuals cannot achieve on their own. Things like trash removal, street lighting, building roads, EMS services, public safety and public education are just a very few of the services we provide for a safe, healthy community. Deptford is a great, growing community. Council regulates growth by our Master Plan and following state guidelines.

We are also very active lobbying our state representatives for grants, projects and even changing state regulations to better suit local government. Local government is a very complex, fluid operation and our administration professionals do a fantastic job navigating the process.

Have a great month, and we will see you soon at one of our events!

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