Letter to the Editor: Daniel Begg

Township resident addresses community support.

To the Editor,

When my mother and I read Manuel Delgado’s letter to the editor about my late father in last week’s Moorestown Sun praising him for his contributions to town council meetings, we were moved to tears.

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We were equally moved at my father’s memorial service to hear members of town council and Moorestown government speak of his enthusiastic participation at town council meetings, the dedication and commitment he showed to the causes he championed and the civility he showed even to those with whom he disagreed.

For my mother and I, who are so deeply mourning his loss and reflecting on everything he meant to us, to read and hear such heartfelt sentiments about my father reminds us of how much he meant to his community and how much he will be missed.

Speaking for myself, it inspires me to be a better person and to follow in my father’s shining example.

Daniel Begg

Moorestown, NJ

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