Local student sells cards for COVID response fund

Tiffany Yeung raises $5,600 for Inspira Medical Center

From a young age, Tiffany Yeung loved to draw and paint. Now she uses her artistry for good by raising money for Inspira Medical Center’s COVID emergency response fund.

A senior at the Lawrenceville School in North Jersey, Yeung started making art at the beginning of the pandemic not only to pass time, but as a way to give back to her community.

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“I took a good portion of this newfound free time to revisit my art, and as I saw classmates and community members finding ways to fundraise for pandemic relief, I thought of a way I could also give back with my art,” she recalled.

With her mom’s encouragement, Yeung started making greeting and holiday cards to sell in local shops and restaurants, including Bellia Print & Design in Woodbury, Mandarin Court in Sewell and her family’s business, Tokyo Mandarin in Glassboro.

Special to The Sun: Alongside her Etsy shop, Tiffany Yeung was able to sell her cards in local stores, including Bellia Print & Design in Woodbury.

She then transitioned to making her Etsy shop, TiffYeungArt, and that helped widen the range of where and when she could sell her cards. Etsy is a global online marketplace.

“My main goal with the Etsy shop was garnering more funds to eventually donate to Inspira’s COVID-19 emergency response fund,” she said.

Yeung’s handmade pen and watercolor designs showcase flowers and hands, with her seasonal cards displaying Christmas trees and wreaths. Many of her cards include calligraphy written by Yeung herself.

Special to The Sun: Tiffany Yeung sold greeting and holiday cards with various watercolor designs during the pandemic to raise money for Inspira Medical Center.

The experiences Yeung has lived through help inspire her designs, including a recent school trip to Italy where she felt motivated by the artwork surrounding her.

“I think I take inspiration mostly from aesthetic sights from my everyday life, whether that is some art stands in Rome, cute designs at Barnes and Noble or the sun hitting a rose just right,” Yueng explained.

From the end of summer 2020 to present day, Yeung has raised $5,600 for Inspira Medical Center in Mullica Hill.

“After I officially donated the check in January, I felt connected to my community on a whole new level,” Yeung noted. “I was grateful that I put my artwork out there.”

Yeung plans to attend college, where she hopes to discover a passion that will lead to a future career.

And she doesn’t plan to give up art any time soon.

“I also hope to continue drawing and designing cards in my free time and continuing to give back to my community when I can,” Yeung said.

Check out Yeung’s recent designs at TiffYeungArt on Etsy or Instagram.

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