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Moorestown Rowing Club honors 20th anniversary

Residents are welcome to celebrate with members on April 30.

Moorestown Rowing Club (Moorestown Crew) is celebrating 20 years this season. Founded by a small group of dedicated members of the Moorestown community, the club started as a “garage startup.” Boats and ergs were originally stored in Dr. Reed Kinderman’s garage and taken every day to the Cooper River for training. Now the club works out of the Camden County Boathouse in Pennsauken during the fall and spring seasons. They have grown to 88 high school athletes and 120 middle school students from their much smaller start.

Moorestown Rowing Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, currently serves high school and middle school-aged children of Moorestown. It provides learn to row and advanced learn to row camps for the middle school aged-children and has competitive boys’ and girls’ teams for the high school. The high school teams compete locally and nationally.  

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“We are different than other youth sports teams,” said Harry Faunce, president of the club. “It takes nine kids rowing in sync, working equally as hard, to propel a boat through the water to beat their rivals. We don’t have one superstar on our team, they are all superstars.”

“Our motto is ‘Love, Trust, Hard Work,’” said Harry Carroll, program director for the club.  “Love your teammates, trust that your crew will work as hard as you and work hard to earn their trust.”

The team has won many of the most prestigious races and has become one of the premier programs in the country. MRC races primarily “eights” and “fours.” These are boats with eight or four rowers and one coxswain. The coxswain is the captain of the boat, steering the boat and determining the pace. Last year MRC’s top girls’ “eight” was able to compete nationally and was the fastest public-school girls’ “eight” in the nation.

“We are a family,” said Faunce. “When I talk to parents of prospective rowers, I let them know that crew will become part of their daughter’s or son’s life and identity.”

“We fiercely protect our culture and realize that not everyone is willing to do things needed for a team to be successful,” Carroll said. “We care about the athletes on and off the water and want them to excel in all aspects of life. Seeing the athletes smile after a race or an acceptance to college makes it all worthwhile.”

“The athletes train six days a week, two hours per day, all year-round for races that are over in five to seven minutes,” Carroll said. “They learn time management and how to fit academics, athletics and their social (and) family life into their schedules. They learn that hard work, in all they do, is what will propel them in life.”

Moorestown Crew is inviting everyone who has ever been involved with the club, along with current members, to join in celebration of the 20th anniversary on April 30. This celebration is also a fundraiser and the club is asking for a donation of $75 per person. To RSVP, visit their website at moorestowncrew.org, click on the Club tab and scroll to the 20th anniversary link.


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