Voorhees creates arts commission to grow art in the township

Commission plans to host monthly events this summer.

Special to The Sun//The township has created a new panel called the Voorhees Art Commission, first envisioned years ago and implemented in earlier stages by a group of passionate and creative volunteers who worked under the banner of the Voorhees Arts Council.

Voorhees has created an arts commission to grow art as it highlights the many talented artists in the township.


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While the commission was officially created in February, it’s been an idea long discussed by the township committee and those who serve on the Voorhees Arts Council.


“The VAC was a vision born years ago and implemented in earlier stages by a group of passionate and creative volunteers,” said Jacklyn Fetbroyt, a township committee member who has worked closely with the arts council to create the commission.


“Over time, the council grew and began offering more exhibits, classes, events and other opportunities for artists in Voorhees and surrounding areas to showcase their talents and learn,” she added.


The VAC was forced to change course in 2020 due to the pandemic, but pivoted to offering art classes, including sessions for children that became popular throughout the township. 


“While the township supported the (arts) council, our committee had a vision to do more to develop the arts holistically in Voorhees,” Fetbroyt explained. “To provide support for artists, art students, and just for community members who enjoyed art.”


With the help of the committee, Voorhees looks forward to providing support for the commission. In addition to assistance from township leaders, the VAC will also seek grants, sponsorships, and donations to advance its mission and programs.


The council will hold public meetings on the fourth Wednesday of every other month, with the next taking place on May 25 via Zoom. 


The township committee also announced that community members have been invited to serve in inaugural leadership positions on the VAC. Marianne Leone, Natalie Illiano, Liz Horvitz, Kamal Khatiwala, and Renee Kenner will all help steer the commission. 


Upcoming events include mini-art classes starting May 21, WaterColor class every Thursday starting June 2, and Kids Art Camp, starting July 6. The township will also celebrate the VAC and the fourth anniversary of the Voorhees art gallery on June 29.

For more information, contact Jacklyn Fetbroyt by email at jfetbroyt@voorheesnj.com.

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