Mantua resident celebrates St. Patty’s with cake pops

Alisa T. Johnson also preps her sweet treats for spring

Special to The Sun: Mantua resident Alisa T. Johnson’s from-home cake pop business features seasonal flavors that include Irish potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day.

Many families have holiday traditions involving food, and for Mantua resident Alisa T. Johnson, it’s cake pops – no matter the date on the calendar.

Most recently, Johnson created flavors for St. Patrick’s Day sales, including Irish potatoes, Lucky Charms and chocolate-covered pretzels, to name a few.

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“St. Patty’s Day is just one of the many holidays in which I make cake pops,” she said. “Once St. Patrick’s Day passes, I get right into spring, Easter and Mother’s Day.”

Johnson started making the treats for family gatherings. From there, she launched her Instagram account @ourpoppinpops to showcase her creative designs.

“I’ve been told that my cake pops are different,” she noted. “They are more than just chocolate-covered cake. I like to get creative with all the different flavors and themes.”

While her recent designs had an Irish theme, Johnson’s love of cooking and baking stems from her Italian upbringing.

“I have wonderful, fond memories of time spent [cooking and baking] with my grandmother and father,” she said. “We would cook something special for every holiday, and I still carry on those traditions, but I have added cake pops to the menu.”

Now, Johnson shares her kitchen creations with her husband and kids, including Italian specialities from cannoli to tiramisu.

“I asked my husband to name a few of his favorites and the list went on and on,” Johnson explained. “Chocolate peanut butter candy, cookie dough, chocolate fudge, maple bacon, double chocolate … I mean, you name it, I make it, and he loves it.

“My husband is my biggest fan.”

Special to The Sun: Alisa T. Johnson sells cake pop bouquets, such as this one for Valentine’s Day, along with traditional boxes for all occasions.

From her home, Johnson sells cake pop bouquets and boxes for all occasions. She’s also been testing different presentations.

“My newest treats are giant chocolate hearts filled with a dozen cake pops, candies, chocolates and sprinkles,” she said. “They come with a mallet to break it open.”

Most of her orders come from family and friends, but with Instagram and exposure at craft fairs, Johnson is looking to expand.

To see more of her designs, visit her Instagram page @ourpoppinpops, where she also accepts orders through private messages.

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