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Daffodil Day in Moorestown

Spring event brings residents together after two-year hiatus.

Special to The Sun: Nipper the dog is decorated with daffodils in front of the Community House of Moorestown. This year’s Daffodil Day will be held on April 23.

Daffodil Day in Moorestown is scheduled for April 23 – two years after it was last held – and will include a horse-drawn carriage, live music, family activities and the flowers that represent the event lining Main Street.

Melissa McGrath, chair of the Daffodil Day committee, brought the idea to the Moorestown Business Association in 2017.

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“There’s a daffodil weekend on Nantucket that happens every year and people go all out, (wearing) hats and decorating their cars and there’s bicycle contests,” she said. 

“It’s everything you can imagine.”

Light posts on Main Street will be decorated with yellow bows and hundreds of daffodils will line the sidewalks. Featured bands will include SaxPlus One, Lost in Brunswick, Luck Brothers, The Woods and Laura Dishong. There will also be activities such as jewelry making and kids decorating their bikes.

“Artists will be up and down the street working as well as selling their wares, and it’s just a fun day,” McGrath noted.

Grown in Westampton, the daffodils are delivered the week before the event, and coming off a two-year hiatus, McGrath is excited to see residents enjoy the return of spring.

“People are just so anxious to be out; I see it now,” she explained. “They just want to be out like normal … and trying to think about having family back together for Easter and things. So everybody’s in a really positive mood.”

McGrath described what the day means to her and how the business association was excited to bring the event to the township.

Special to The Sun: The Moorestown Business Association will host Daffodil Day on April 23. Main Street will be lined with daffodils and the event will feature live music, artwork and children’s activities.

“It’s the awakening of spring,” she said. “They’re (daffodils) one of the first flowers that’s popping out, and yellow is just such a bright and happy color.”

Wolf Skacel, chair of Sustainable Moorestown and co-chair of the Daffodil Day committee, explained why the event is special for residents.

“ … Where I saw it was an opportunity to recreate something that a lot of artists here in the community felt was a loss,” he told McGrath. “They used to have an art walk on Friday nights once a month, so when you (McGrath) came up with the idea for Daffodil Day, I thought, ‘Here’s a great way to maybe resurrect that artwork.’”

In coordination with Moorestown Mayor Nicole Gillespie’s “Year of the Environment” initiative, the business association will feature reusable shopping bags for Daffodil Day and Moorestown Creates will have a table with demonstrations on how to utilize yarn made from recyclable plastic bags.

Skacel and McGrath are both looking forward to seeing crowds gather on Main Street.

“It’s just seeing people out, enjoying themselves,” Skacel said. 

“The energy is so … It’s palpable when there’s all these people walking around just seeing friends they haven’t seen all winter and the kids are seeing kids from their baseball teams that they haven’t seen,” McGrath said. 

“When it works, it works great.”


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