Letter to the Editor: Manuel Delgado

Moorestown resident honors late community member.

During my four years on our township council, I grew accustomed to having certain Moorestown citizens at every meeting. Some came to listen, while others came to fully participate and express their support or disapproval of an agenda item.

During those four years, no one was more articulate, had completed more research and expressed so clearly an opinion with such strength and civility than Edwin F. Begg. Mr. Begg always lauded our budgets except for the recreational concessions to non-profits. He questioned every bit of our infrastructure planning and pressed upon council the need to be fiscally responsible.

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If Mr. Begg’s position was contrary to council’s action, he always gracefully expressed disapproval. Equally, when Mr. Begg aligned with a council decision, he thanked us for our service. 

When my four years ended at council, the Beggs’ sent me a handwritten note of appreciation. It was one that expressed such grace and kindness to me that I will forever cherish its words. I don’t know if Mr. Begg was able to continue to attend council meetings over the past years but I know that those that served on the dais in front of him will never forget his contributions to meetings and to Moorestown.

Manuel Delgado

Moorestown, NJ

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