Letter to the Editor: Jennifer Sangillo

Jennifer Sangillo thanks the Haddonfield community for their support during her late husband's cancer treatment.

Dear Editor,

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Thank you to Haddonfield.

On November 15, 2021 my husband, and father of our four children died from cancer. Adam was diagnosed in the Fall of 2015 with a rare sarcoma called GIST and that is when the community of Haddonfield moved into action. As one can imagine, dealing with multiple surgeries, scans every three months, and hundreds of appointments, a person can be stretched thin.  I never had to look far to find someone to check on my kids, get them to school or practice, or distract them during times when Adam and I could not find the right words to say. 

I was hesitant to accept too much help in the beginning because I knew at some point, I was really going to need it. That time came in September 2021. Adam’s care became a 24 hour a day operation, physically and emotionally. I had people in and out of my house every single day. Some of these people were my friends for years while others just showed up to help. There was food, gifts, flowers, and cards on my porch every day, and it continues. I am still coming home to delicious meals and heartfelt notes. 

The school system has reacted in kind and continues to keep watch over my kids for their emotional and academic wellbeing. The list is long and full of big and small acts of complete kindness and selflessness. 

Thank you all, old friends and new, for having my back and supporting my family during a time when that need can be so overwhelming! 

Jennifer Sangillo

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