Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Oppenheim

Moorestown resident celebrates community garden.

To the Editor,

It was wonderful to read the article “A Moorestown Gem” about the Camden Avenue Moorestown Community Garden in the March 2 edition of the Moorestown Sun.

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As a neighbor of the garden, the recent efforts of the Moorestown Garden Club, President Jean Pollock and former President Gina Zegel, to enhance its appearance by erecting new fencing and signage are very much appreciated.

As a longtime participant in the garden and stakeholder (tomato) I offer kudos to the women who have served in the past as volunteer administrators of the garden and to Carol Ellis who now serves. She is known as Garden Goddess, Queen of the Garden, and Boss Ellis. 

For years Carol has kept the garden thriving through the seasons – assigning plots, collecting (very modest) fees, purchasing and maintaining equipment and more. Again, for the efforts of all the volunteer garden leaders from the gardeners, thank you!

Addendum to the editor: 

In the article, there was no mention of how people interested in the garden should proceed. I called Carol and she said that at the moment all the plots were likely spoken for this spring. However, people interested in putting their name on a waiting list can text her at 609-923-8670.

Jeffrey Oppenheim

Moorestown, NJ

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