Berlin Borough holds first regular council meeting of 2022

New police officers sworn in, but little progress on McClellan Avenue crossing

The Borough of Berlin Council met in person on Feb. 10, its first regular session of 2022.


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The meeting had a brief agenda with an update on the McClellan Avenue at-grade crossing issue and the swearing in of two new police members. Reports for the past month were quickly summarized, something that appeared to please all council members.


Water and Sewer Chairwoman Patricia Cummings cited installation of new fire hydrants in the borough. 


“Two new fire hydrants were installed to improve the fire-protection system in that area as well, and residents were absolutely thrilled.” she said. 


Council President Jim Pearce gave the monthly police reports for the borough: 1,807 calls, 107 investigations, 27 arrests, 178 motor-vehicle citations, 115 motor- vehicle stops and $6,557 in stolen property. 


“As always, thank you to everyone for all they do. I know getting through those storms the last few weeks was not easy.” said Pearce, referring to recent winter storms that impacted South Jersey. 


Mayor Rick Miller updated council on the McClellan Avenue at-grade crossing,  acknowledging that there has been little progress made despite meetings he has attempted with borough officials. 


“”I’ve taken matters upon myself and reached out to the commissioner [who didn’t get back to me],” Miller said. “But the deputy commissioner and I spoke on the 31st; he was unaware of the situation. It had not hit his desk yet. I left his office a message this week.”


Miller laid out what council will do next, but he said there is only so much he can do. 


“The next step is that there will be a hearing,” Miller noted. “I’m hoping to get that date [soon]. I was told we would be able to present in person. When we get that [date], I will let the residents know. 


“We’re continuing to fight it,” he added. “Additionally I’ve had elected assemblymen reach out to the commissioners office to help us.” 


The meeting was then adjourned so family members and friends of Andrew Jarvis could look on as he was sworn in to the Berlin police department, including his parents, Lewis and Allison. 


Council also recognized the appointment of K-9 Clyde, who will serve as the borough’s lead dog for drug and weapon seizures. His commanding officer is Steve Palma, head of the K-9 Unit.

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