Deptford High School music teacher releases new single

Carl Cox continues independent music career with ‘Risk’

Special to the Sun: Deptford High School music teacher Carl Cox celebrates the release of his newest single, “Risk,” with a live concert at the school on Jan. 20.

Carl Cox is Deptford High School’s music teacher by day, but by night, he thrives as an independent jazz musician.

His newest single, “Risk,” was released on Jan. 20 and is available on all music streaming platforms. It highlights Cox’s skills as a saxophone player who stands out in the instrumental tune.

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Cox celebrated the release with a live concert at the school on the day of the song’s release. He noted how his own teachers at Deptford helped shape his artistry.

“I was always playing jazz with the late Al Hobbs, who I replaced when he retired from the high school,” said Cox. “We were always sharing stories, and he really helped push me into the jazz idiom by featuring me at school concerts and having me articulate some ideas with the band.

“We always remained friends even after I took the reins from him until his passing about two years ago,” he added.

The experience Cox had with Hobbs inspired him to become a music teacher himself, and he reflected on more impactful memories from their time together.

“We had given him a surprise concert at the high school, and we had all of his former students from 35 years of service come in to talk about his impact on their lives,” Cox recalled.

“ I think seeing this and the people he had helped really highlights the impact we have as a teacher, especially with students in music who we might teach for their entire high-school experience,” he added.

Cox is always looking for ways to improve as a performer. One is to recognize audience reaction to his performances, but another is to receive insight from students through his lessons.

“Seeing the students’ faces when I perform and having them excited to play in the band room just helps elevate our band,” Cox said. “I love having the ability to create my own music and show them that it’s possible to be a leader in your field and share that knowledge to the younger generation.”

Along with “Risk,” Cox has recorded the album titled “Thankful,” which was released last May 14. Both the album and single are available on all music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

“Music is a passion and whether I’m performing abroad or teaching in the classroom, I’m always doing something I love,” Cox observed. “I think the students see the love of music I have and I try my best to deliver that to them in all of the lessons and rehearsals.”

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