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Mayor’s Column: The year ahead

Moorestown’s Mayor Nicole Gillespie addresses updates for 2022.

Happy New Year, Moorestown!

We’ve got a lot going on this year and the township will be providing updates via social media (@MoorestownTwp on Twitter, @MoorestownTownship on Facebook and @Moorestown_Government on Instagram) and on the township website (moorestown.nj.us). You can also sign up to get notifications via email or text. Just go to moorestown.nj.us and click on “Notify Me” in the bottom left corner. But for those of you who prefer to learn about what’s going on via the paper, I’ll be using this column on a regular basis to communicate about township happenings as well.

So with that out of the way, here are a few things we’re working on this year:

  • Speeding in town is one of the most common concerns we hear about from residents. Our Township Manager and Township Engineer have been working to identify appropriate traffic calming solutions that will reduce speeding, but different areas will require different solutions. To help us better understand what is happening in different neighborhoods, Councilman Law and I will hold a listening session via Zoom on Jan. 31. In order to prevent “Zoom bombing”, we are asking participants to register for the session at https://bit.ly/JanuaryListeningSession.  We’ll send the Zoom link and passcode to registrants about 24 hours advance.
  • Over 100 volunteers serve on three boards and 10 active advisory committees in Moorestown each year.  The roles and responsibilities of the boards and committees are described in our Township Code (see https://ecode360.com/MO1116), but we’ve heard from many volunteers about things that are unclear, inconsistent, or just outdated. Council will be updating the committee roles and responsibilities this year and we’re starting by asking the current committee members to review what’s in the code and share their ideas with us. Residents and businesses are encouraged to provide input as well by sending an email to council@moorestown.nj.us.
  • And finally, 2022 is the Year of the Environment in Moorestown! Our goal is to highlight local efforts, share ideas and changes that we can make now, learn together and start developing plans for even bigger, more impactful changes. We are working with people in our community who are passionate about sustainability, as well as our committees and other organizations in town to promote steps we can all take to better stewards of our natural resources.  Each quarter, we’ll focus on a different theme, starting with Sustainable Energy Use for the first quarter (January – March.) We’ll be sharing ideas for residents and businesses, as well as Township initiatives, and welcome input from residents. Look for the hashtag #MooreSustainable on social media to keep up with our Year of the Environment tips, events and updates.

In future columns, I (or another councilmember) will be addressing topics like affordable housing updates, Percheron Park, the Lenola Streetscape Improvement project, road repaving, infrastructure upgrades and more. If there are specific topics you’d like one of us to address, please send us an email at council@moorestown.nj.us.

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