Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lenape district staffer of 16 years earns Safety Star of Year Award

Voiro cited for dedication to schools before and after COVID

Lenape school district director of buildings and grounds Tony Voiro (middle) accepts his Safety Star of the Year award as district Business Administrator Connie Stewart (left) and Safety Director John Geitz look on.

When its schools shut their doors at the height of the COVID pandemic and turned to remote learning, the Lenape Regional High School District had someone to  count on: Tony Voiro.

At the start of the new year, the director of buildings and grounds earned a Safety Star of the Year Award from the Burlington County Insurance Pool Joint Insurance Fund (BCIP) and was cited by the district for his 16 years of dedication to its schools 

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At the height of the pandemic, Voiro produced COVID protocols that would allow the district’s schools to reopen while keeping safety in mind. He also offered guidance to  the district’s administrative team on proper ventilation and disinfection.

Voiro noted how COVID has further changed the conversation about safety.

“This pandemic has changed the way we do things as they relate to the products we use, and the frequency of use,” he noted. “We also continue the review of procedures … and communicate them to the custodial and maintenance teams to ensure proper implementation. 

“I also talk about satey often,” Voiro added. “I find that when it’s spoken about often, the more people will look for things, or just be more proactive when it comes to safety. 

“Knowing why we do things goes a long way,”

In addition to COVID protocols, Voiro assists the district Security and  Emergency Management Coordinator to create secure environments across the district, including  preparations for lockdowns and coordination of necessary maintenance. The district bond referendum passed in the fall to finance large projects that Voiro and his co-workers spent eight years assessing as long range facility needs.

Voiro spoke about his passion for the job and why taking safety into account is so important.

“I enjoy the ability to provide a service to the students and staff,” he noted. “That is to provide a safe environment, and when each person enters, they can look and appreciate the hard work our team puts into making it that way .. Our buildings may be the nicest thing some students may see all day, and its important that we do a great job.”

While giving back to the community through his district work, Vorio hopes others recognize the impact people can have on others around them.

“I hope that the story shows when someone is given a responsibility, whether it is small in comparison to mine or much larger than mine, do your best always,” he said “And know that if many people can be affected in a positive way, do a little more than your best. 

“Not everyone gets a chance to impact others in a positive way,” Vorio added, “and I cherish that opportunity each and every day.”


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