Friday, May 20, 2022

Council holds short meeting to welcome new members

Little occurred during the session beyond multiple appointments

The Medford Township council met for its regular session on Jan 19 and welcomed volunteer community members. New Councilwoman Donna Symons also was sworn in.

The Medford Township council met on Jan 19 in a session that included the swearing-in of a new councilwoman.

Donna Symons, who replaces councilman Brad Denn, is a long-standing veteran of the zoning board who moved to council after the November elections. 

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“I’m excited to begin my journey on Medford town council and eager to learn,” Symons said. “I plan to learn how the government works internally to meet the needs of our residents. My goal is to listen to residents along with keeping our taxes and services stable.

“I’m looking forward to more community involvement in activities and events throughout the new year,” she added. “Medford is known for many events throughout the year. Expanding some of these events will benefit our residents and businesses. Working with the current council members is a privilege.”

 In the council meeting agenda and managers’ report were the approvals of Christopher Hodge, new volunteer fire at Station 252; Michele Wells, new volunteer for EMS, Station 258; and Mischa Juliette Merchel, new volunteer EMS JR. member, station 258.

Mayor Charles “Chuck” Watson expressed gratitude to all those who volunteer in the community.

“I’d just like to thank them again, everyone,” he said. “The volunteers are so important to our community.” 

There were no public comments at the session, no ordinances up for second reading or introduction and no ceremonial presentations.

Watson noted that the next council meeting on Feb. 1 will be conducted in person and via Zoom, with a livestream after. 

In other news, the board passed resolutions through one motion, with no separate discussion for multiple appointments, including township attorney, bond counsel, auditor, township planner, utility engineer and municipal prosecutor.

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