Friday, May 20, 2022

Razorfish Health named GCIT’s top business partner for 2021

Razorfish Health and Greg Librizzi will be honored at the Wall of Fame Ceremony in GCIT's upcoming ceremony.

Gloucester County Institute of Technology’s Digital Media Academy has partnered with the creative team from Razorfish Health to create branding elements for real-world clients. Carl Heil, teacher of desktop publishing, and Greg Librizzi, vice president and group creative director, have developed a project to give the students a unique professional experience.

Every year a client is recruited for live branding or rebranding opportunities. With the guidance of Librizzi and his team, the students experience the graphic design process as they meet the clients, develop briefs, and draft concepts before refining and presenting to the design team, and eventually the clients.

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While the pandemic has been a challenge, Heil and Librizzi have taken the project online, allowing them to expand the design team to include Razorfish designers from Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago.

“This type of opportunity is not found in your typical high school, or even collegiate program. These professionals give valuable time from their days to provide feedback and guidance to our young designers and design teams. I can’t overstate what a privilege it is to work with Mr. Librizzi and the Razorfish Health design team,” said Heil.

Razorfish Health is a full-service agency that is committed to fueling the practice of modern medicine. They help healthcare providers and patients make better connections for better outcomes. All to help shape how medicine is practiced today, creating a healthier tomorrow.

Librizzi said of the experience, “it is an honor to participate in this program and to show students how they can apply their creative learning to a real-world scenario. And although we know the kids love the experience, I think our team loves it more.”

This partnership has given the students first-hand experience in learning to design appropriate content while enabling our students to take learning beyond the classroom and applying it to real-world endeavors.

GCIT will honor Razorfish Health as its 2021 Business Partner of the Year. Razorfish Health and Greg Librizzi will be honored at the Wall of Fame Ceremony in GCIT’s upcoming ceremony.

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