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McClellan Avenue Crossing Update

Update posted to Facebook by Berlin Borough Mayor.

The following was posted by Berlin Borough Mayor Rick Miller to his Facebook page:
Today, January 7, 2022, the Borough received notice from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Department’s Bureau of Structural and Railroad Engineering Services (“BSRES”) Unit Diagnostic Team issuing a Memorandum of Record (“MOR”) pertaining to the referenced McClellan Avenue At-Grade Railroad Crossing.
The NJDOT has taken the initial position that it recommends the closure of the McClellan Avenue At-Grade Crossing, subject to further public input. I have immediately replied to the NJDOT expressing the Borough steadfast opposition to the NJDOT’s initial recommendation.
My response letter and the MOR are posted on the Borough’s website for review and can be accessed using the link below. Rest assured that this fight is not over. Mayor and Borough Council vehemently oppose this closure which, if allowed to occur, will undoubtedly create multiple public safety hazardous.
I will be reaching out to our newly elected legislative leaders upon their swearing in scheduled for January 11, 2022. I have also sought the assistance of the Camden County Board of Board Commissioners. Finally, the NJDOT has offered to meet and discuss potential alternatives. I have accepted its offer to meet and have demanded we gather as soon as practical. We are committed to “Stop the Closure”!
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