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The Skirmish and other events coming to Haddonfield in 2022

The Skirmish and other events coming to Haddonfield in 2022

In the new year, Haddonfield residents can look forward to community events like the week-long historical reenactments along Kings Highway and a week-long wellness campaign in the spring. (EMILY LIU/The Sun)

In the new year, Haddonfield residents can again look forward to its traditional Revolutionary War reenactments and to progress on affordable housing at borough hall.

Mayor Colleen Bianco Bezich will also launch a wellness campaign in the spring that will be a weeklong event to celebrate health and wellness and involve the small-business community, practitioners, authors and speakers to get the message out that prevention is key.

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“That’s something I’m really excited about,” she said. 

The Skirmish will return in June from a two-year break. The week-long event along Kings Highway will feature reenactments of a Revolutionary War skirmish, or battle; encampments; arts and cultural elements from the era; and a Thomas Jefferson-Alexander Hamilton debate.

With the permits in place, the borough wants to move forward with Snowden Avenue Affordable Housing at the borough hall parking lot off Snowden Avenue. 

“That will be two buildings containing 20 units of low, very low and moderate housing,” Bianco Bezich explained of a project that will begin construction this year.

While she and the other commissioners have yet to determine how they will use federal American Recovery Plan dollars, the mayor said she considered a slew of options that included stormwater improvements and HVAC upgrades.

In the new year, Bianco Bezich also wants to focus on support for small businesses and to potentially have the borough work more with the Partnership for Haddonfield, of which she is a board member who has focused on helping small businesses.

“I’m hopeful that if we get another round of CARES money that we could funnel that to businesses that need it,” Bianco Bezich noted. 

Commissioner and other government meetings will continue to be held virtually until there is the capacity for hybrid sessions.



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