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New infrastructure comes to Voorhees in the year ahead

One project will result in repaving of all 110 township roads over a five-year period.


Lots of new developmental changes are coming to Voorhees in 2022, from economic progress to paved roads and improved infrastructure. .

In the area of development, Mayor Michael Mignogna said the recent census counted an increase in the population at around 31,000 residents, which allows for an additional liquor license to be put out to bid. 

In the beginning of the year, the township will also finalize a cannabis ordinance following its introduction in December. As it stands, the ordinance would allow for wholesale, distributor and retail licenses but not the cultivation or manufacturing that resulted in protests by residents from the Sturbridge Lakes community, Mignogna recalled.

Physical developments are also coming to Voorhees, as the township aims to repave 16 roads in 2022 as part of a five-year plan to repave all 110 of them. Roads will include the following:

      • Britton Place
      • Chippenham Drive
      • Peregrine drive
      • Middlesex Avenue
      • Alton Avenue
      • Fulmar Drive
      • Cedar Avenue
      • Maple Avenue
      • Railroad Avenue
      • Acorn Lane
      • Pelham Road North
      • Surrey Road
      • Eaton Place
      • Homer Avenue
      • Lotus Avenue
      • Buttonwood Road

Mignogna said that in addition to repaved roads, a new sidewalk will be added to go from the Voorhees Town Center along Echelon Road to White Horse Road, as well as a bike path in the Ashland area.

“Our biggest challenge continues to be the town center,” Mignogna said. “We would hope we’d have a developer who would take it over but unfortunately, because of the economic challenges with COVID, [the developer] backed out and we’re continuing to talk to as many potential developers as we can.”

The town will also get a redesign of basketball and tennis courts at the Maiaroto Sports Complex and a rebuilt lower level gazebo at Connelly Park. 

In event news, Mignogna is hopeful that the town will be able to hold both the Adult Police Academy as well as the Junior Police Academy, along with annual activities, particularly the ceremony around Veterans Day where new vets are added to the memorial wall.

Committee members Michelle Nocito and Jason Ravitz are set to renew their terms at the annual reorganization meeting in January.

“Clearly the last year and a half has been a very challenging year for all of us, and I want to thank our police, fire department, EMS and town hall employees for continuing to provide a high level of service seamlessly throughout the pandemic and give thanks to the community,” Mignogna said.

“My experience is that the Voorhees community always steps up during emergent times and it makes me very proud.”

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