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Moorestown’s new superintendent of schools starts fresh

Michael Volpe has 25 years of educational experience.

Special to the Sun: Hillsborough resident Michael Volpe, an educator for 25 years in the state, is Moorestown’s new superintendent of schools.

Moorestown welcomed a new superintendent of schools on Dec. 18.

Hillsborough resident Michael Volpe, a New Jersey educator for the past 25 years, is the former assistant superintendent of Princeton public schools.

“Prior to that, I spent 12 years of my career in Hillsborough, where I was the director of human resources, and prior to that, I was the principal of Hillsborough Elementary School for almost nine years,” he said. 

“That was a very rewarding experience for me.”

Volpe was also a principal in the Florham Park School District and was vice principal of Colonia High School in Woodbridge Township, as well as its English department chair.

“Before that I was an English teacher, girls’ soccer and wrestling coach and I also have some experience teaching at the middle- and junior-high levels as well,” Volpe said. “It’s been a long journey, with lots of experiences, all of which I feel have prepared me for Moorestown.”

After visiting Moorestown with his family, Volpe decided to apply for the open position of superintendent. He is now focused on the school district’s strategic plan for 2022.

“I know that one of the things that’s going to be coming up right away is serving the community, about the way that they like to be communicated (with), too,” Volpe noted. 

“I know that’s going to be rolled out over a couple month period and we’re going to be looking to improve our communications so that there’s more consistency and more connection with the schools.”

Volpe’s goal is to connect with parents and other officials’ members of the school district.

“I want to develop relationships over the course of this first half year, so that when we do need to move the district forward, that people feel comfortable with my leadership and are ready to come along with me.”

The new superintendent anticipates a positive impact that staff will have on students.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of such a high-performing district and getting in the classrooms and the schools and seeing what kids are doing,” Volpe explained. “That’s why I went into this business many years ago, to make a difference with kids.”

Other goals of Volpe’s include making sure there is distinct leadership at each building level, maintaining academic excellence and letting students and staff members have their voices heard.

Volpe is also eager to lay down roots in Moorestown.

“What I have decided is … my wife and I have decided is … I want Moorestown to be my last stop,” he said. “I’m several years away from retirement, but I want this to be the place that I retire from.”

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