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Letter to the Editor: Brenda Zadjeika

Haddonfield resident provides more context for the dedication of the Black Oak Tree reading tables.

Dear Editor,

I would like to make an addition/correction to the article by Emily Liu that came out on December 17, 2021 in the Sun, with regards to the dedication of the library tables.

The black oak tree that fell during the storm on June 3, 2020, not only took out electricity on 264 Lake Street (aka 116 Colonial Ave) as the article stated. The majority of the neighborhood was without electricity for at least four days. It also demolished a home and almost killed two of the occupants and a small child who was riding her bike.   It caused damage to cars, sidewalks, streets, landscaping and other properties.

My daughter and I were two of the survivors of that demolished home and when looking at the photo of the smiling faces standing at the tables, find it difficult to match the emotions. The tables will admittedly be a solemn reminder to the many who participated in the aftermath that day.

As an Ode to the 209-year-old tree, it was 25 feet around at its base and some 60 ft tall and was admired daily by the many who walked by it- a place to watch wildlife in its branches.  A placket placed on the tree read that it was the second largest black oak in NJ. 

Sad that a tree of this notoriety and majesty would just simply blow over in a windstorm.

Although the dedication also honored deserved people, to many of us, this article was callous and devoid of the mention of the suffering that made the library tables possible. 

Brenda Zadjeika


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