GCIT first to offer students virtual dissectible table

The Anatomage Table will provide students with more effective educational outcomes

Gloucester County Institute of Technology (GCIT) is the first vocational-technical high school in South Jersey to receive an Anatomage Table which is the world’s first virtual dissectible table. It will be used as an educational tool for students in the various programs and courses.

This table is the only fully segmented real human 3D anatomy system, offering students the ability to explore, learn, and dissect the anatomy of human and animal bodies beyond what a cadaver could offer.

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The Anatomage Table will provide students with more effective educational outcomes as they are able to interact with young, well preserved 3D cadavers and explore four gross anatomy cases, over 20 high-resolution regional anatomy cases, and more than 1000 pathological examples, including animal cases.

The table has already become a valuable addition to the Academy of Biological Sciences program by offering an unprecedented type of hands-on experience to students interested in pursuing a diverse range of careers such as forensic scientists, anthropologists, pathologists, doctors, physical therapists, veterinarians and more.

“GCIT is committed to providing students with tools that will support them not only in the classroom, but in future career fields,” Superintendent Michael C. Dicken said. “With the ever changing technologies and educational platforms available, it is important that students have access to this advanced visualization system. With the addition of the new Anatomage Table, students will have the opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology and have a hands-on experience which will enrich their learning and provide for a deeper educational experience. The educational outcomes that are expected because of this resource are truly invaluable.”

The Academy of Biological Sciences is new for the 2021-2022 school year and was added to the other 18 career technical programs that GCIT offers. The program offers students a comprehensive, academically rigorous high school experience with a focus on the sciences.

The sequence of courses offered in the Academy have been designed to give the students a strong background in fundamental scientific concepts that will promote their success in all biological disciplines from microbiology to medicine to ecology.

To learn more about the Anatomage Table, visit https://www.anatomage.com/anatomage-

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