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Cherry Hill Library holds month-long exhibit for Mixed Times Six

Artist group has two pair of married couples and two siblings.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: The Cherry Hill Library hosts a month-long exhibit of art from Mixed Times Six members Paul Mathas (left), Geoff McClain, Vicki Mathas (front center), Schuyler McClain (back right) and Linda Burns.

Mixed Times Six is a group of six artists, two pairs of married couples and two siblings who all work together to bring their inspirations to life.

Linda Burns and Bob Minnick are residents of Moorestown and brother and sister who create oil paintings. Minnick is a librarian at the Cherry Hill Library, where Mixed Times Six has its fourth showing through the month.

Vicki and Paul Mathas are husband and wife and residents of Mount Laurel. Vicki is a fiber artist and Paul is a digital photographer. Schuyler and Geoff McClain are also husband and wife and residents of Moorestown. Schuyler is a mixed media artist who works on paper and Geoff is a photographer. Their subject matter is nature.

Schuyler McClain, Vicki Mathas and Linda Burns are retired art teachers and met through a book club. Their first exhibit together was in 2014 at the Moorestown library.

“They gave us the (whole) front of the building, and that’s when we realized …  you know what? We’ve got something going here that’s (really) positive and creative and artistic and we can support each other,” said Mathas.

A reception to meet the artists will be on Dec. 18 from 3 to 5 p.m.; 10 percent of all sales will be donated to the library.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: “Dad’s Marine Jacket,” a piece by Linda Burns, is a giclee on canvas and hangs in the Cherry Hill Library this month as part of an exhibit for the Mixed Times Six artist group.

“We’re (just) artists supporting each other, but we’re unique because we’re family as well,” Mathas noted.

Geoff McClain has begun working on experimental photography.

“I’ve been trying something called ICM,” he explained. “It stands for intentional camera movement and it’s (pretty) cool. You (actually) move the camera as you’re taking the picture.”

For Mixed Times Six, working together has special meaning.

“I think it’s (just) being a team,” said Schuyler McClain. “We know each other (and) we critique each other. It’s teamwork; it’s all about teamwork.”

“There’s a (big) element of trust,” said Mathas. “We (just) trust (that) we will show up (and) we will do what needs to be done, because we’re all professionals.”

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