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Chabad celebrates Hanukkah in Moorestown

Residents honor lighting of menorah at Community House.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: Moorestown residents help light the menorah on the Community House lawn to celebrate Hanukkah.

Moorestown residents and members of the Moorestown Jewish Association (MJA) and Chabad of Camden and Burlington counties celebrated the fourth night of Hanukkah on Dec. 1 at the Community House, an event that had to go virtual last year.

“The crowd is absolutely tremendous this year,” said Rabbi Laizer Mangel. “Greater than we’ve (ever) seen before (here) at this celebration, and we hope the numbers continue.”

The Katz family of Moorestown helped light the menorah, donated by Chabad. 

Members of the group arrived in cars with glowing menorahs on top.

For Caryn Shaw, president of the MJA, the night was about bringing the community together.

“(Just) having (it) on the lawn of the Community House means so much to us as part of being a nonprofit in the community,” she said. “It’s been (just) a (really) great event.”

Chabad has placed more than 15 menorahs and 11 billboards throughout Burlington and Camden counties, including a menorah on the Saddlehill Farm.

Several Hanukkah themed songs were played for residents at the Dec. 1 event.

“These songs .. (some of them) are contemporary, made in the last few years, and (some) of them are hundreds of years old and have been sung in communities throughout the world,” said Mangel.

The Chabad Medford Village Walk celebrated the third night of Hanukkah on Nov. 30 with the menorah lighting and family festivities.

Mangel is inspired by residents who show their support for Hanukkah.

“I am encouraged by the amount of people that come out to celebrate, people that may not have grown up with these traditions,” he noted. “I believe that is the message of the flame of the menorah.”

“Everyone has within them a little spark that (just) has to be revealed to shine (very) brightly.”

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