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Mantua resident sells handmade holiday bow sets for all ages

Homemade Amanda’s Way is township’s newest online shop

Mantua Township resident Amanda Aviles Etsy is open for the holidays.

Her business, Homemade Amanda’s Way, sells hair bow sets for all ages, with current stock sporting Christmas colors and designs specially designed for babies and adults. It’s Christmas Time, Merry and Pink and Tartan Christmas are among the bow sets now available.

“I started making hair bows to match my daughter’s outfits,” Aviles Etsy said. “I often had materials left over, so I began making and selling the bows made of the remaining material.”

The bow sets, typically packaged in groups of three, range from $10 to $15 an order. They ensure she can afford free shipping online for her local buyers.

Aviles Etsy started selling her handmade bows in August at community events, but after a pause for COVID, her shop opened in October.

“Community events are the most ideal way to sell handmade goods so buyers can see the quality and workmanship in each piece,” she explained.

Aviles Etsy is just getting started, so the gig isn’t full time. She is a Realtor and stay-at-home mom first, with hopes of growing her business in the future. As a mom, Aviles Etsy uses bow making not only to bond with her daughter, but also to help her child express how she’s feeling in a unique way.

“I found that crafting was a great way to give my child a creative outlet for big emotions — happy, excited, tired — which is why I encourage crafting,” she noted. “Holiday crafting creates memories and gives my child an heirloom for future Christmases.”

Mantua also participated in Small Business Saturday on Nov. 27, a day when small and local businesses can profit from their own deals and sales without being overshadowed by big corporations on Black Friday.

Aviles Etsy’s shop can be found at etsy.com/shop/HomemadeAmandasWay.

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