Small works focus of show at Moorestown’s Perkins Center for the Arts

Residents can purchase artwork, glass and Christmas decorations.

Photo Credits: Christine Harkinson: The Small Works Show and Sale will be at Moorestown’s Perkins Center for the Arts through Dec. 18. Thirty artists will sell crafts, paintings and glass work.

The Moorestown Perkins Center for the Arts will host its Small Works Show and Sale through Dec. 18.

“It’s a cash-and-carry (type) situation, where the artists bring smaller versions of their works at lower price points to sell for the holidays as gift-giving ideas,” said Sharon Kiefer, curator of exhibitions for Perkins.

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Artworks will include blown and fused glass, ceramic, wood pieces and figurative sculptures. Christmas ornaments, oil paintings and fiber art will also be available for purchase.

“If anyone from the public would like to stop in and do (some) shopping as if it were a store, they could purchase something and take it with them that day,” said Kiefer.

Thirty artists will each have their own table set up in the Perkins’ gallery space.

“We have some jewelry, beaded jewelry … ceramic coasters and things like that (that) are more utilitarian,” Kiefer noted.

The show was canceled last year due to the pandemic, and the staff at Perkins is taking the necessary safety precautions this time around.

“We have signs posted that … wear a mask if you’re not vaccinated … And it’s an option if you are vaccinated, and so far, everybody’s been (very) comfortable with that,” noted Kiefer.

“People are staying home a lot more and refinishing rooms .. and decorating and purchasing artwork for their (own) homes .. so, we are really benefiting from that,” she added.

An opening reception will be held on Dec. 4 for artists and residents to meet one another.

“Artists in general like to sell their work,” Kiefer explained. “So anytime that they can be face to face with the public, with supporters of the arts, and they can talk about their work and talk about the mediums and their process, they’re extremely happy.”

Kiefer joined Perkins in October 2020, when the gallery reopened to the public post-COVID. She has art shows scheduled through 2023.

“It’s (really) been a (very) positive outpouring from the artists, because everybody’s excited to get back to normal (in) showing their work again,” she said.

Kiefer is hopeful the Small Works Show will expose residents to local artists.

“I’m (just) opening the gallery to the community … perhaps reaching community members (that) didn’t realize we had a gallery or a shop and exposing 30 artists to the community,” she observed.

“Anytime you can get a group of artists and a group of audience members together for any kind of collaboration, it’s all positive.”

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