Letter to the Editor: June Zack

Cherry Hill resident questions lack of enforcement for lawn service's requirement to take blown leaves with them.

Dear Editor,

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This issue may not seem to warrant much attention for some, but I hope other residents share my concerns.  I refer to the law, rule, ordinance, requirement, regulation etc applying to lawn services and their obligation to take the blown leaves with them, rather than pile on the curbs.

Many issues are created by their practice. Homeowners are paying for the “complete” service.  What is it costing taxpayers to have public works send crews for the removal? Piles take up parking space. I live on a street that is one block long, and one block from a grade school.  Parents driving children to the school play “Alphonse” and “Pierre” are trying to navigate the trip.  The leaf police might consider patrolling certain neighborhoods and handing out fines. Enough revenue could be collected to finance snow removal!  If the law is not enforced, take it off the books. We will live with the leaves for another month plus.

June Zack, Cherry Hill

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