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Shamong committee welcomes new members, discusses EMS

Brian Woods and Christopher Zender will begin terms in the new year

The Shamong Township Committee met for its regular session on Nov 9 and addressed the importance of EMS service. Shamong resident Heather McGarvey (right) thanked an EMS member for responding to her daughter’s car accident. Also present were Deputy Mayor Mike Di Croce and some Shamong trick-or-treaters.

The Shamong Township Committee met for its regular session on Nov 9 and shed light on a recent EMS merger, as well as welcoming new committee members.

The meeting touched on the recent November elections, when Brian Woods and Christopher Zehnder were elected to the committee. They will begin their terms in the  new year. 

During the meeting, the vice president of the Tabernacle Rescue Squad, Jamie Wood, spoke on behalf of its recent merger with Shamong Township

“I can’t say enough about merging with Shamong,” she said. “We should have done this years ago. It’s been wonderful; it’s been a terrific addition. I think that we’ve meshed and we’ve each learned lessons from one another. So I’m very very pleased we did this.”

Woods also spoke about the statewide crisis within EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and how the service is not always considered essential. She noted that a resolution is being put forth to change that and asked the committee for its support, and also mentioned that Shamong needs another rescue truck.

“We need to be essential,” she remarked. “EMS should’ve been essential. Every legislature I speak to says, ‘What do you mean? Of course you’re essential.’

“We’re not,” Woods added.

She also told the committee how community health has been a concern, as a  result of the past year.

“I think from people not going to the doctor’s for a year and a half, everybody has become critical now,” Wood explained“We’re not really seeing a stubbed toe, or a fractured arm. We’re seeing strokes, we’re seeing heart attacks, we’re seeing very critical people. So I feel very passionate about pushing this forward.”

The committee ensured its support for legislation making EMS workers essential. A Shamong resident who recently got help from EMS attended the meeting to thank Woods and her team. So did Heather McGarvey, whose daughter was tended to by  EMS after she was hit by a car on Oak Shade Road. 

The next committee meeting will take place on Dec. 21. For more information on  ordinances and events, visit https://www.shamong.net/

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