Board OKs applications for Tom Brown Road subdivisions

Members also take action on ordinance to permit outdoor dining.

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/Special to The Sun: The Moorestown planning board approved an ordinance to make improvements to the North Church Street water tank during its Nov. 4 meeting. The board also approved a similar ordinance for improvements to the Westfield Road water tank.

Moorestown’s planning board had its first meeting of the month on Nov. 4 and discussed several items, including applications on its agenda.

The board began by approving a motion to approve meeting minutes from the Aug. 19 and Oct. 7 meetings. 

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Two similar applications were for MiPro Homes LLC: one for the minor subdivision of an existing lot on 340 Tom Brown Road, and the second for the minor subdivision of an existing lot on 332 of the same street.

Board member Jeffrey Dey recused himself from voting on both applications after it was discovered that he is aligned with the law firm of Baron & Brennan P.A., which is involved in a separate zoning board matter in Moorestown.

MiPro Homes LLC also asked for a single variance in connection with the subdivision application for the lot on 340 Tom Brown Road.

“Your ordinance requires a lot width of 200 feet, with both lots we’re proposing 187.5, so just under what your ordinance requires,” said Jeffrey Brennan, an attorney for MiPro.

Jay Sims, vice president of Consulting Engineer Services (CES) and a professional engineer, spoke to the board and residents about the application for 340 Tom Brown Road.

“The proposed subdivision splits (it) into two lots, two single-family houses,” he said. “They were placed and designed to minimize disturbance and minimize the amount of trees that would have to be taken down.”

In addition to the variance, MiPro Homes also requested a waiver for a sidewalk that would be required along the subdivision’s frontage.

“The sidewalk would be required along Tom Brown Road,” noted Sims. “In this case, there’s a lot of stuff that’s in the way. There’s utilities out in the roadway or between the road and the property line. There are several trees and landscape areas (as well) as drainage swales and other utility problems that are in the way.”

“In particular, with the stormwater drainage (and) the drainage swale, we would fear that the interference with the utilities (as well as) changing drainage patterns would be an issue,” he added.

After further discussion between the planning board and applicants, and the decision by MiPro to withdraw its request for the sidewalk waiver, the planning board voted to pass the motion on the application.

MiPro’s second application for 332 Tom Brown Road was a proposal for a minor subdivision on two lots. According to Brennan, the first lot would be just over three acres and the second would be just under that.

The applicants also sought two variances: the first for lot width and the second for lot frontage. As with the prior application, MiPro had requested a waiver for a sidewalk but withdrew that request. The board motioned to approve the second application from MiPro Homes, LLC.

Three resolutions were also on the agenda for approval: a recommendation to town council for the adoption of an ordinance that would permit outdoor dining, and two resolutions to authorize improvements to the North Church Street and the Westfield Road water tanks. All three resolutions were approved.

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