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Multiple uncontested elections across Delran

According to the latest results from the Burlington County Board of Elections, Democrat Marlowe Smith is leading the uncontested election for the unexpired third ward seat, having received 97.88 percent of the vote. 

For the three open seats with Delran Township Public Schools Board of Education, the three candidates that ran are leading in the uncontested election. Rafanello has received 34.74 percent of the vote, while Oberg has received 32.56 percent and Brophy has received 31.93 percent. 

For an unexpired seat with the board, Micahel Mongon has received 98.95 percent of the vote in the uncontested election. 

In the race for the General Assembly 7th Legislative District, Burlington County voters have currently voted in favor of Democrat’s Herb Conaway and Carol Murphy, having both received approximately 30 percent of the vote, while Republican candidates Douglas Dillon and Joseph Jesuele have both received approximately 19 percent of the vote. 

In the race for two open seats with the Burlington County Board of Commissioners, Burlington County voters have turned out for Democrat’s Felicia Hopson and Daniel O’Connell, at about 26 percent for each, as opposed to approximately 24 percent for Republican candidates John Adams and Albert Pallanti. 

For Surrogate, Democrat Brian Carlin currently leads Deborah Buzby-Cope approximately 52 percent to 47 percent. 

In the Governor’s race, Burlington County voters have voted in favor of incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy over Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli, with Murphy having received about 52 percent and Ciattarelli having received about 47 percent.

These results are according to the Burlington County Board of Elections with 100 percent of Cinnaminson Township polling places having been reported  and approximately 96 percent of Burlington County votes having been counted. 

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