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Letter to the Editor: Jeana Wittmer

As a former Vocational school student, I can only imagine how much more advanced the school is now.

To the editor,

I just wanted to reach out in regard to an article I came across that was written on Sept. 21. The article talked about how the Gloucester Vocational Technical School was awarded
$12 million from the Secure Our Children’s Bond Act, and how it will be used to enhance the programs and add more programs into the school to help further students’ education. As a former Vocational school student, I know my school was pretty advanced to begin with but, I can only imagine how much more advanced the school is now going to be due to receiving that money.
I love seeing how much this is going to further the students in their careers and really just
providing them with all the extra safety and expanding the programs to their full potential. I hope that more people came across this and are considering letting their child attend a Vocational school. Vocational schools really prepare young teens for a lifelong career by allowing them to practice the skills so early on that by the time they graduate they can immediately enter the work force, or still attend college, if they want to. And it’s just so great seeing that money go to a school that will truly use it to their advantage. I really appreciate your time in reading this.

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Jeana Wittmer


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