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Letter to the Editor: Karen Reiner

Township resident addresses ways residents can help bridge divides in the community.

To the Editor,

Last week’s “In Our Opinion” piece asked us to each find ways to bridge divides in our community. Here are some ways you can help build that bridge:

  1. Take the Better Together Moorestown survey by Oct. 31 to share your thoughts on how to make our town a thriving community where everyone feels respected and valued. It takes about five minutes, is anonymous and can be accessed here:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HD5MXV7 
  2. Lessen the political divide by joining the Moorestown Braver Angels Alliance-a group of Reds and Blues who offer workshops and discussions to help people have civil discourse, despite differing political opinions. Visit www.braverangels.org or contact rrabenou@braverangels.org or kreiner@braverangels.org 
  3. Bridge the racial divide by participating in “Our Stories—Brave Conversations on Race.” Five white people and five people of color join a comfortable Zoom call together with trained facilitators who ask questions about race, racism and social justice and encourage dialogue, learning, and finding common ground. Register here: ourstoriesonrace.org.  
  4. Learn about people who differ from you by joining Join MooreUnity, a group that is strengthening connections within our community through programming designed to bring together individuals from different walks of life. To learn more, like and follow our Facebook page.
  5. Support “United we Run” on Veterans Day, Nov. 11th, hosted by Braver Angels. We’ll be cheering for local patriot John Scully (and a small relay team) who will be running 11 miles with the American flag. Town Council candidates Vick Bobadilla (R) and Quinton Law (D) are participating to demonstrate that, regardless of party affiliation, we are neighbors who love our country and respect those who serve. For more details (where to cheer along the route, how to get a free flag, how to sign up to run a short distance with John), sign up here: https://signup.com/go/cGGAWvy 

Karen Reiner

Moorestown, N.J.

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